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6 Reasons You Need a Buyer's Agent

For many people, the urge to house hunt without an agent is appealing. With access to homes for sale on multiple websites and television channels devoted to home buyers and sellers it can be easy to believe that you're completely up to date on the home buying process. However, a home purchase is most people's largest investment. So why not call in some back-up from a skilled agent?

1) A Buyer's Agent will save you time and heartache. Even if you enjoy constantly shifting through new listings on websites like Zillow and, there are homes that you're most likely not seeing or aren't seeing until they are under contract. There is nothing worse than finding your dream home has been listed but it went under contract before you even knew it was on the market. A good Buyer's Agent will get to know you and what homes may work for you. They'll set up an MLS search for you so that you're notified the moment a potential home goes on the market. Buyer's Agents also often have access to off market listings or single party listings that will increase your pool of homes to choose from. A good Buyer's Agent can use their connections with other agents to seek out a home for you that may not even be listed yet. Still hesitating because you're not sure of the costs involved? Buyer's Agents are paid by the home seller, so unless the Agent you choose charges transaction fees it won't cost you anything to work with one. Why wouldn't you want the help?

2) A Buyer's Agent can help recommend and secure financing. Buyer's Agents work with lenders on a regular basis and are well versed on which lenders their clients have had success with and which lenders have dropped the ball during a transaction. There is more to a mortgage than the rate and a successful Buyer's Agent can help buyers find lenders that are best for their personal and financial situations and have a good reputation with other Realtors.

3) Buyer's Agents REALLY know the real estate market. While you may be aware that the market is either a buyer's market or a seller's market you probably don't know how to submit an offer that a seller will find appealing enough to accept (hint, it's not always about price). It's important to discuss what's going on in your market prior to submitting an offer so that expectations are clear and nothing about the offer is a surprise. Real estate laws and buying and selling trends differ from state to state and even within states. You need an agent who is an expert in your market to represent your best interests and guide you on pricing and best offer strategies.

4) Buyer's Agents put out fires. Finding a home is just the beginning of the purchase process, you need someone who will successfully navigate you from accepted offer to the closing table with the least amount of stress possible. Anyone who has bought or sold a home can tell you a million things can go wrong in the process. Buyer's Agents are experienced at negotiations, problem solving and protecting their buyers best interests (and their pocket book). A good Buyer's Agent can often step in and solve potential problems before their buyers even have to worry about them.

5) Your Buyer's Agent will have connections, and you'll need them. Not only will your Buyer's Agent have connections with other Real Estate Agents to increase your buying options, but they'll also have connections to people like reputable contractors, insurance representatives and home inspectors. Not in the market for a home but looking to upgrade your kitchen countertops? Call a Realtor, most likely they can recommend someone with a great reputation and have feedback about their work from previous clients.

6) A Buyer's Agent can help keep emotion out of financial decisions. You may need direction on decision making throughout the home buying process and your experienced Buyer's Agent will be your guide. A good Buyer's Agent will keep the bigger picture and your financial goals in mind and keep you on track should you feel inspired to go out of budget. Most Realtors want to excel throughout the transaction to gain referrals and repeat business, they're likely to give their best financial advice rather than support rash decisions to gain a higher commission.

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