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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Many of us may not want to admit it, but fall is upon us and it's time to talk fall home maintenance. Fall is the best of time of year to give your home a check up and take care of any necessary upgrades and repairs. Here are some of our favorite fall home to-dos.

1. Stock up on winter supplies. Yes, winter supplies. Before we all know it, winter will swoop in with it's snow and ice. Waiting until snowfall to pick up shovels or have snowblowers serviced will have you scrambling. Get a jump start by assessing your needs now and getting prepared. You'll be glad you did when the lines for shovels and salt are out the door at first snowfall and you've all ready cleared your snow and are sipping your morning coffee.

2. Check your walkways, railings and any stairs for safety. Enter any entrances to your homes like you're doing it for the first time and identify any potential safety issues. Think of snow and ice and the stability and levelness of your sidewalk or walkway. Make any necessary repairs so you can safely navigate your walkways even when you can't see them. Ensure that any railing is tight so that you can use it during slippery conditions.

3. Add weatherstripping. Weatherstripping around windows and doors helps save on your energy bills and protect your home from snow and ice seeping in. Sealing your windows and doors will not only help keep your home healthy, but it will also keep you toasty warm. Who doesn't want that when temperatures creep down?

4. Check your safety devices. When it gets chilly, windows will be closed and fireplaces will be on. Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working and that you have a working fire extinguisher accessible. If you have a radon mitigator, make sure that it's working. If you don't, fall is the perfect time to check for radon.

5. Shut off exterior faucets and drain hoses. This is also the perfect time to store or cover any outdoor furniture or decorations that you want to protect from snow and ice.

6. Clean gutters and downspouts. Your roof and foundation are the most expensive parts of your home to repair and are essential to your home's health. Protect them by cleaning your gutters and downspouts so they don't freeze or fill and cause moisture and plant matter to accumulate on your roof and run down to your foundation.

7. Rake your leaves and care for trees and shrubs. Get your yard winter ready by removing leaves and caring for your trees and shrubs. Leaves can also make healthy mulch to protect flower beds and gardens, so you can always strategically relocate them instead of removing them from your yard entirely.

If some of these tasks seem daunting, reach out to us for guidance or recommendations on our local home maintenance helpers. Call (262)696-9884 or email

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