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Front Door Curb Appeal

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If you're looking for ways to freshen up your home, start by the first impression your house makes. The first view of your home is your curb appeal and playing it up can make a huge difference in how your home presents to others. Here are some quick and easy ways to update your curb appeal and give your home the attention it deserves.

1. Welcome guests by replacing or painting your front door a bright and cheery color. Teals, yellows and reds look great with neutral colors and create a welcoming pop against a tasteful background. Clean and polish your front door's hardware and update anything too outdated to upgrade the face of your home.

2. Another way to brighten up the front of your home is by adding live greenery. Arrange potted plants in bright colors which can easily be changed out when you want a change. You can even switch your plants up seasonally to keep things fresh and inviting.

3. Symmetry dresses up a space and adds a touch of style that can be truly unique to each homeowner. This front door pairs matching wreaths and planters for a simple symmetrical touch that anyone can quickly achieve. Lighting, furniture and decorative accessories can also be placed symmetrically to maximize effect.

4. Usually the first thing someone looks for on a house they've never been to before is the house number. Could your house numbers be better, bigger, brighter or more stylish? Express yourself and make it happen. This design is available on Etsy by TheWoodsCollective. With multiple options, it makes a great statement piece or lovely housewarming gift. Link below for pricing or to order-

5. Upgrade your outdoor lighting. Your home should shine bright in the daytime and at night. Increasing outdoor lighting adds to your home's appearance and your safety. Lanterns and string lights can be a fun way to dress up the front of your home without adding permanent light fixtures. Line the path to your front door with ground stake solar lighting or strategically place spotlights on your landscaping to increase night time curb appeal.

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