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What Home Buyers Want in 2019

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What are buyers really looking for in a home? According to a report titled, "What Home Buyers Really Want", compiled by the National Association of Home Builders' 2019, a laundry room and energy efficiency windows and appliances top the list. The report is the result of a survey of nearly 4,000 consumers who either purchased a home in the last three years or plan to purchase a home in the next three years. Home buyers were asked to rank 175 home features based on how essential they were to their purchase decision. The following home features were the most influential to buyers-

1. Laundry Room

Having a laundry room topped the list with 91% of home buyers. Buyers are looking for laundry rooms or designated laundry spaces with 70% of consumers preferring first floor laundry. Desired upgrades include a sink in the laundry room, organized storage and flat surfaces for folding.

2. Energy Star Windows

Today's buyers are more environmentally conscious than ever and 89% of consumers surveyed named Energy Star windows as an essential home feature. Not only do Energy star windows reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but they save energy bills an average of 12 percent nationwide.

3. Patio

87% of home buyers want a patio in their yard. Outdoor entertaining is important to buyers and many are looking for multiple spaces to gather with guests. Concrete is preferred for safety and durability reasons, but porches and stone patios can also be attractive areas to set up outdoor seating.

4. Energy Star Appliances

Once again, both concern for the environment and savings on energy bills cause 86% of consumers to name Energy Star appliances as an influential feature when home shopping. 67% of home buyers prefer stainless steel appliances. Many home buyers have a hard time looking past out dated appliances, so upgrading to Energy Star appliances can increase appeal both aesthetically and financially.

5. Ceiling Fan

85% of home buyers surveyed stated that ceiling fans were a home feature that was important to them. Ceiling fans also help control energy costs by circulating air and are an easy upgrade if you're looking to add appeal and comfort to your home.

Kitchen features and design are extremely important to today's buyers. 86% of home buyers prefer the kitchen and dining room to be completely or partially open. 57% of consumers prefer granite or natural stone countertops and the popularity of quartz countertops is rising rapidly. White kitchen cabinets are preferred with 32% of home buyers. Double kitchen sinks are preferred amongst 81% of home buyers.

Other items high on buyers wish lists are garage storage, walk in pantries, exterior lighting and hardwood flooring. Vinyl and other types of resilient flooring are gaining popularity, especially for home owners and buyers planning on aging in place.

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